Meet Your LINX Leaders!

LINX Leaders are proudly committed to each child's intellectual, social, physical and emotional development. LINX Leaders are carefully selected among the best candidates based on their teaching ability, creativity, energy and ability to create and facilitate programs designed to help kids thrive!

Kids and safety always come first for all of our LINX Leaders as they all have extensive backgrounds and training in their respective fields of expertise. Within each class, our LINX Leaders are also able to incorporate a focus on inclusion, cooperation, respect and a sense of community.

All LINX Leaders are personally interviewed by a member of the executive team, reference checks are completed, CORI and SORI background checks are done and each member of our team also takes part in extensive LINX Leadership Training.

Joe Kahn

Owner and Founder

Joe Kahn is the Founder and Owner of The LINX Enrichment Club for Kids. He is an MBA graduate of Harvard Business School and has his undergraduate degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, N.Y. Joe believes that he has found a way to bring together his passion for teaching and desire to help children expand their interests. Through LINX, Joe has created an innovative enrichment environment in which children explore and experience new things and learn along the way. He has proven that children learn and retain experiences most notably in a fun based environment, which is the hallmark of LINX.

Josh Schiering

Vice President/Executive Director of LINX and LX Summer Camps 

Josh serves as the Vice President of LINX and the Executive Director of LINX and LX Summer Camps. With over 20 years of experience managing and directing programs designed to help children thrive. His responsibilities include the day-to-day operations of a varied program that serves our community and families. Josh prides himself on his ability to assemble a team that puts children first. Josh’s staff training and character development programs have received national recognition. Josh holds a B.S. in Economics and Business.

Melissa Habersaat

Melissa Habersaat is the Vice President of Operations for LINX and skillfully handles many of the day-to-day operations. Melissa has her BS from Babson College in Business and Marketing. She has spent the past 7 years developing programs and systems to help staff and children succeed. Along with her unmatched attention to detail, Melissa has led the G.I.R.L. Power and Entrepreneurs Club, two classes that teach children how to become more confident leaders.

AnneMarie Alvarez

AnneMarie has been performing since age three- and it remains her passion ever since. She graduated Emerson College in 2006, earning a Bachelor's in Theatre Education with an emphasis in Musical Theatre. She went on to teach and direct at theatres, schools and camps across Massachusetts including Stoneham Theatre, Kidstock, Runkle Extended Day, The Brooks School and Beaver Summer Programs. She is also a Director of Development and Media to the FUDGE Theatre Company. Her biggest strength is igniting a fire within her students to uncover their love of performing arts. AnneMarie is already using her substantial experience in theatre to inspire LINX campers!

Michelle Baker

Michelle is the Birthday Party Coordinator at LINX and works with her team to provide the best birthday celebrations possible for our LINX community. She works as the Assistant Director of Customer Service and understands the ins and outs of day to day operations here at LINX. Michelle has a Bachelor's in Women Studies and Education from Wellesley College and has another degree in Music with a concentration in Cello from the Manhattan School of Music.

Heather Emley

Heather brings valuable talent to her role as Dance Director at LINX camps. She has a Bachelor's in Dance from Adelphi, a Bachelor's in Exercise Science and has years of training in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, yoga and many more. She has worked with unbelievably talented choreographers like Frank Augustyn, Leda Merdeith and David Parsons. Heather holds many regional and national awards in dance and has performed professionally across the country. Her expertise is unmatched and she is the perfect leader for Dance programs here at LINX.

Michelle Farrell

Michelle has experience as a nanny and has aided in the development of a children's gym and indoor playground. Her passion of fitness has translated into a child development program designed to get kids excited about being fit, and her success helped her become assistant general manager at a children's gymnastics studio. Michelle is a valued member of the LINX organization and is working hard to provide the best birthday party experiences for the campers.

Lisa Gatto

Lisa is an integral figure in the LINX community; she is a Class Director that has worked with younger children and their caregivers in discussion groups for over twelve years. She has directed child development programs at Isis Parenting, worked as a Child Life Specialist at Boston Children's hospital, and graduated Weeklock College with a Bachelor's in Human Growth and Development. Lisa's knowledge and passion for child development is unparalleled and she brings this passion directly to the LINX campers every day.

Todd Morse

LINX Director of Theater Programs 
LINX Camps Director of Theater Programs 

With 15 years of experience in producing original plays and adaptation, Todd brings out creativity and confidence in his young performers through the use of creative activities, including improvisation, as they learn new skills and have fun. Todd is an accomplished program leader with over 15 years of experience instructing students throughout the Boston area, including those at the Concord Youth Theater, Kidstock, Beaver Country Day, and as a guest director at St. John's Preparatory. Additionally, Todd ran his own theatrical company before joining LINX. He has mastered green screening and film editing, and has written and directed several original shows that have all helped develop the acting skills of the children in his program. Todd’s immense experience and love of teaching theater is invaluable to LINX. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Boston College.

Katie Preisig

Theater and Voice Instructor
Junior Camps Assistant Camp Director

Katie has participated in musical theater since the age of 6. She graduated from Walnut Hill High School in Natick, MA, a private school for the arts where she majored in theater. She then went on to study in New York City where she was trained by industry professionals in voice, dance, acting and improv and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. Today Katie can be seen performing in and around the Boston area with both professional and community groups. Katie's teaching technique comes from both her level of experience as a performer and her education in the performing arts.  

Lauren Riley

Marketing and Special Events Coordinator 

Lauren coordinates all onsite and off site LINX events such as birthday parties and Friday Night Events. Her former roles at LINX, including lacrosse instructor, camp counselor, and lifeguard, contribute to her insightful performance. Lauren’s other experiences include a year working in a college admissions department, and as a lacrosse coach for her former high school. She earned a B.A. in Human Development and an M.A. in Higher Education, both from Boston College. 

Isiah Beasley

Isiah (Zay) is a Dance Instructor who works with dance teams, specializing in hip hop. Zay is known for his exceptional performance skills , his knowledge of choreography and involvement with the Phunk Phenomenon group. He earned 3rd place in the US at Hip Hop International, and has done freestyle work for Xbox's Dance Central 2 and 3. He has even participated in events such as First Night Boston, The Urban Nutcracker, the Boston Marathon, Disney World and the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City. His experience in all realms of dance is unparalleled and his contributions to the LINX collective are always inventive.

Ashleigh Buckley

Ashleigh is a dance instructor who has trained at New England Dance Academy. Her passion is dance and ballet; she has performed in numerous Nutcracker plays and was an American Dance Awards "Dancer of the Year" runner up. She has a college degree's in both Dance and Special Education, and is currently a first grade special education teacher for a charter school in Boston. She can't wait to share her love of dance and skills as an educator with the LINX campers.

Carissa Chamney

Carissa graduated Boston University with a Master of Science in Human Physiology and will be continuing her education Dedicated to imparting her knowledge, she is equipped to make science fun and engaging for the entire LINX community.

Chris Coimbra

Chris "Cornbread" is a Business Management major at Mass Bay Community College and has been working with LINX for over five years. He has become a legend within the LINX community and remains popular with the campers. He's worked as a counselor, birthday party leader and both a science and sports instructor. Cornbread is an essential piece of the LINX collective, his contributions and enthusiasm to our mission are always valuable.

Naomi Cormier

Naomi is an East Asian Studies major at Wellesley College and was born in Japan, but grew up in Vermont. In addition to dedicated her skills to the LINX campers, Naomi will be interning for the Tomodachi Initiative in the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo in the near future. She can't wait to make memories at LINX!

Ingrid Dahlin-Doherty

Ingrid holds a Bachelor's degree in Health Care Administration with a minor in Art History from Stonehill College, and also has a Master's in Children and Family Studies from Wheelock College. She worked for seven years as a Child Life specialist in Boston's Children's Hospital and has taught art and music for over five years at ISIS Parenting. Ingrid is looking forward to extending her enthusiasm for helping children develop with the LINX community as an Early Childhood Specialist.

Chris Dumais

Chris has been a dedicated member to the LINX team for years, and currently works as the LINX Leader and Summer Chief Motivator. He excels at getting kids fired up for fun and for learning the science center, Sports Zone and on the LX sports fields. Chris even holds a professional teaching license from Framingham State University and has taught at three different high schools in Massachusetts. He is currently working on a Master's in Special Education and strives to be the best motivator possible every day.

Luciana Fionda

Dance Instructor
Specialties: Ballet & Lyrical

Luciana has been dancing since the age of three. She has been trained in the styles of ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, and hip hop. In addition to training at her home studio of Suzanne's Dance Connection, she took classes at the Broadway Dance Center and Boston Ballet. For eight years, she competed at I Love Dance, Starbound, Hall of Fame, and Jump, receiving numerous accolades and awards. When she wasn't in the competition circuit, Luciana was performing on the stage with companies such as the Boston Playwrights Theater, Reagle Players, and North Shore Music Theater. She performed in Dance Prism's the Nutcracker for five years, under the instruction of the Artistic Director Mary Demaso. Luciana brings a strong understanding of technique into her craft and hopes to convey the same to her students.

Madeline Ford

Madeline is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting for theater technique and has performed in many plays and short films. Madeline's focus is acting through improvisation and is more than ready to share her passion for the dramatics with the LINX community.

Nancy Gair

Nancy is a dedicated Early Childhood Specialist and graduated from Yale. In England, she trained and worked the National Childbirth Trust as a childbirth educator. She has taught pre and post-natal classes for ISIS parenting and has a CAPPA certification. A loving mother of two and an immensely experienced childbirth educator, Nancy brings indispensable experience to the LINX atmosphere.

Elizabeth Gerson

Elizabeth teaches young children at the Wellesley Tree House, specializing in early childhood art programs. She has an extensive background in child development, and holds a B.A. in Psychology and Education from Clark University and a Master of Social Work from Boston University. Elizabeth is certified as a lead preschool teacher, and her work experience includes teaching preschool to two and three year olds as well as leading "mommy and me" developmental playgroups. Elizabeth also has over eight years of experience providing therapy to young children and their families and is looking forward to imparting her experiences to the campers at LINX.

Craig Hoberman

Craig is a graduate of SUNY Cortland where he received a Bachelor's in Professional Writing. He works as an editor for the camps and enjoys bringing his rhetorical vision to an already forceful LINX mission.

Joseph Iadarola

Joe holds a BS in Kinesiology with a Minor in Education from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Joe is currently pursuing a graduate degree at Bridgewater State University where he is a candidate for Massachusetts initial teaching in Physical Education and Health. Joe has a real niche in health & wellness, physical activity, recreation, coaching, and also loves to teach. He has worked as a youth sports coach and participated in played organized sports throughout his entire life which include ice hockey, golf and baseball. His vast experience working with children translates perfectly to LINX, where he engages campers every single day.

Carrie Klimeczko

Carrie teaches young children at the Wellesley Tree House and has been teaching for over twelve years. During her time as a teacher, she discovered the magic of Family Music Makers. Within the FMM platform, Carrie incorporates her knowledge of theater and performance to create a unique musical experience for children of all ages. She has a Master's degree in Music and Musical Theater, and is dedicated to using her years of expertise to help make LINX as strong a community as ever.

Melissa Landis

Melissa has a Master's in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern University and a Master's in Special Education Teaching from Simmons College. She has worked for more than a decade as a special education teacher and counselor, and now, during the year, works as a substitute in the Needham Elementary School system. A true classroom enthusiast, Melissa is proud to expand on her skills and integrate her current experience into the LINX community to make this summer the best yet!

Todd Livingstone

Todd (Mr. T) has a background in martial arts, with black belts in both Kempo Karate and Jiu-Jitsu. He studied for almost two decades under Master Nelson Chan in Wahlum Kung fu. He has an excellent relationship with the campers, and focuses on making martial arts fun for all, while helping to truly refine the skills of those are deeply invested in the craft. An outstanding teacher and essential member of the LINX collective, Todd is going to continue to share his love martial arts with the LINX campers this summer.

Val Maio

Valerie earned has worked in 'Mommy and Me' classes at the Wellesley Tree house, has taught at the Boston ballet and its Citydance program and recently directed the ballet division at the Tony Williams Dance Center in Jamaica Plain. With her vast experience in teaching theater and danc, She also helped create the Teambuilding Movement Workshop, a program conducted by dancers for both corporate and educational settings. Valerie also holds two college degrees, and given all accomplishments, somehow finds the time to dedicate her skills in theater and performance to LINX in the summers.

Tucker Morgan

Tucker will be entering his third summer at LINX Camps. He is excited to be working as a head sports counselor once again. Also, he will be entering his junior year this fall at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.

Tania Morse

LINX Leader 

Tania (Miss Tania) is dedicated to supervising and engaging with children through the many games, arts and crafts, and activities available during Clubtime hours in LINX’s high-tech clubroom. A former valued Spanish teacher at LINX, Tania is committed to LINX’s philosophy of learning through fun. She has worked with children for over five years, instructing them in Spanish through personal instruction and group lessons. As a result, the children benefit greatly from Tania’s expertise and love of teaching. During her time as a Spanish teacher, she dedicated herself to the true immersion style where the children quickly understand Spanish through situation, movement, and tone. They do not learn to translate into English, though this seems the intended result. Far better, the students actually absorb Spanish as a separate and new language, able to think within the language far better than an adult learning a language. Tania is a native of Lima, Peru where she attended San Ignacio University. 

Megan Mountzoures

Megan is a double major at Boston college where she studies Elementary Education and Applied psychology/Human development. She's a big advocate of outdoor activities and is thrilled to spend another summer as the CIT Coordinator at LINX!

Mira Nakhle

Mira attends Wellesley High School and is a leader in the Sprague Elementary Peer mentoring program and peer tutors sciences for fellow high school students. Mira is looking forward to a fantastic summer at LINX camps!

Justine Picarello

Justine Picarello graduated and received her BFA in Dance from the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMASS) in 2012. She has been dancing for 17 years and teaching for the last 6 years. Justine is an alumna of Academy of Dance Arts and was part of the two-time national champion competition team. She also studied at Paula Meola Dance & Performing Arts Inc. in Sterling, MA for 8 years under teachers such as Michelle "Meeshi" Edgar and Nicole DiCcico Cavalloro. Justine has won numerous dance and choreography awards at regional and national competitions such as Dancers Inc., American Dance Awards, Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, New York City Dance Alliance (NYCDA), Sophisticated Productions, and Sheer Talent Competiton. Her choreography has received the Teen Critics' Choice Award and the National Entertainment Award at Onstage New York regionals and nationals with her small group jazz, "In the Beginning". She also received the only Solo Choreography Award at Sheer Talent Competition in NYC with "Medicine" danced by Marina Papic. She has attended numerous summer intensives and conventions such as The Pulse, Broadway Dance Center Summer Intensive, NYCDA, and Artists Simply Human where she took classes from Sonya Tayeh, David Moore, Mia Michaels, Desmond Richardson, Dave Scott, Nick Bass, Misha Gabriel, Tokyo and many more. Justine has worked with guest artists at UMASS such as Charles "Chuck" Davis, Adrienne Hawkins, and Kim Bares. She has also performed professionally in New York City at both the Flea Theater and the 92nd St Y, where she performed an original Pearl Primus solo entitled "Strange Fruit". She continues to teach and choreograph all over New England and New York. Justine wishes to share her passion and knowledge to help produce the new generation of artists.

Kate Rinaldi

Graphic Designer 

Kate is a graphic designer for LINX as well as an art teacher for LINX Camps’ programs and birthday party events. Kate graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Art and a B.A. in Journalism. After working in graphic design for a few years, she moved to Boston after being accepted by Tufts University’s MAT program that works in conjunction with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She earned a Master’s Degree in Art Education and subsequently spent four years working as a high school art teacher, responsible for a variety of fine arts courses including: drawing, painting, collage and mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, and graphic design, as well as independent art studies. While teaching these courses she had a large number of her students win accolades from the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition each year. Along with her teaching, Kate has done freelance work in both graphic design and photography in and around the Boston area. She is passionate about the arts and loves working not only with children, but also with people of all ages to both develop their skills in the arts and foster a passion and creativity of their own. 

Christine Roberts

Christine has a Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts. After interning at Newton Wellesley Hospital, she discovered a passion for nursing. She currently is studying at a Nurse Practitioner school and is excited for another summer at LINX.

Jessica Tibbetts

Dance Instructor
Specialties: Jazz & Tap

Jessica graduated Summa Cum Laude from Dean College with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a minor in business. She has studied dance for over 20 years training in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Pointe, Lyrical, Modern and Irish Step. Jessica competed as well as performed in local community and charity events throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. In 2005 Jessica completed the Dance Teacher’s Club of Boston’s Dance Education Training Course and has been teaching ever since. Jessica currently teaches at local dance studios, summer camps, workshops, and afterschool programs. She also served as the Dance Coordinator at the Old Colony YMCA in Taunton. Jessica has had the opportunity to take classes from renowned teachers and choreographers such as: Mia Michaels, Sonya Tayeh, Chris Judd, Tyce Diorio and Wade Robson to a name a few. Jessica has choreographed award winning competitive dance routines on a regional and national level. She received an outstanding choreography award for her work in 2014. She has judged for TL5 productions and is a certified Zumba® Fitness instructor. Jessica is currently a dancer in the Larkspur Dance Company and continues her dance education through instructor workshops in Boston, New York City, and Orlando. She is excited to join the LINX staff.

Grace Tummino

Marketing Team Member 

Grace is a marketing team member at LINX, specializing in content marketing. She is passionate about presenting what’s happening at LINX to the community through writing press releases, website content, blog posts, and more. Additionally, Grace is responsible for varied marketing projects. As a mother of 3 teenagers who have participated in just about every sport there is, she truly understands the importance of providing a fun, safe and educational environment to keep kids active. “It’s easy to market what you love, the words and ideas just keep coming.” Grace earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Pace University in NY, has an extensive background in marketing and product development, and is part owner and marketing manager for a technology company in MA.

Erica Yates

Dance Instructor
Specialties: Jazz & Tap

Erica grew up dancing at the Diane Kelley Dance Studio in West Boylston, MA where she earned the honor of American Dance Awards regional 'Dancer of the Year' in 1999 and 2000. She went on to graduate from Providence College with a B.A. in Mathematics. She was a member of the school's dance team and a captain/choreographer her senior year. Upon graduation, she was invited to be a member of the Universal Dance Association staff. She spent the summer after college graduation traveling across the country, hosting camps for middle school, high school, and college dance teams. Erica was also a member of the Boston Celtics Dancers for the 2009-2010 season and the 2011-2012 season. In addition to performing at home games, she also represented the team abroad in Mexico City in April 2012 at an NBA 3X event. She also used her dance expertise at Harmonix Music Systems in Cambridge as a member of the Dance Central 3 team, testing usability for the XBox Kinect. Erica is an active member of the Dance Masters of America, Inc. (Chapter #5). She has passed examinations certifying her to teach Tap and Jazz. Erica now works as a full-time member of the LINX Dance staff and coaches the Wellesley High School Dance Team.


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