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LINX is a premier provider of fun-based classes and camps that specializes in Dance, Theater, Sports and Early Childhood programming.

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  • How Sports Can Help Your Kids Outsmart Everyone Else

    Sports inherently improve intelligence. Whether a child athlete is playing soccer or is wrestling, they are learning the fundamentals of the relationship between choice and consequence as well as core math skills. It may be hard to believe but when your tiny … Continued

  • Easy way to remove berry stains

    While quickly removing a huge berry stain from clothing yesterday I thought, “I have to share this trick!”  My mom has used this secret stain remover for as long as I can remember and it has always worked like magic.  … Continued

  • Ballet is Boring!

    Hearing the phrase “This class is boring” or “This exercise is boring” during a dance class makes a dance teacher cringe. Most of the time the comment comes from a student who is not working to her fullest potential or … Continued


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