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LINX is a premier provider of fun-based classes and camps that specializes in Dance, Theater, Sports and Early Childhood programming.

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  • What are we going to do with all these apples??

    Fall is a terrific time to look forward to, especially that yearly family outing to the apple orchard with the kids or grandkids. It’s time to smell the wonderful homemade pies, sample the cider and cheeses, pet the animals…and pick … Continued

  • Choosing the Best Energy/Snack Bar

    With all the energy/snack bars out there, which one is best for you or your kids? If you’re a busy mom, shopping with kids in tow, desperately trying to get through the cereal isle without a toddler meltdown, you might … Continued

  • The Importance of Competition in Sport and in Life

    Competition is so valuable for people of all ages especially for children. Now please do not get me confused, we need a healthy balance to prevent children for getting too competitive. Driving toward a goal with all of your might … Continued


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