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Premier Classes and Camps. Fun for Kids, Great for Parents!

  • LX Sports: Youth Whole Body Strength Training

    Here at LX sports we stress the importance of whole body strength training. Regardless of which sport we are training for, LX athletes are put through a series of games and activities designed to improve cardiovascular endurance and core strength. … Continued

  • New Moms Tell It Like It Is

    At the end of each series of classes with new moms, I like to ask what they wish they’d been told before their new baby arrived, the best “advice” they’d been given or what they’d now say to someone about … Continued

  • Bubble Magic

    Bubbles provide a sense of wonder as they gently float through the air and then magically disappear with a quick “pop!” They easily entertain babies, children and grown-ups alike. Bubbles are one of my favorite year-round activities for children. For … Continued


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