About LINX


Fun, Friendship & Community: Our talented staff works hard to create a fun, inviting atmosphere! Members attend Classes, Camps, Movie Nights, Art Workshops, Dance Nights, and much more - all of which provide the opportunity to build relationships with peers, while having fun and learning!

Exploration, Creativity & Growth:We offer a broad array of programming in five specialty areas: Dance, Theater & Movies, Sports & Activity, Martial Arts, Art, and Science & Exploration. Children are encouraged to explore their interests, get creative and grow within their chosen specialties. Our Mommy and Me and On My Own classes at the Wellesley Tree House provide a nurturing and fun filled learning experience for our youngest members and his or her parent/caregiver.

Accessibility, Flexibility & Convenience: At LINX, we offer a flexible schedule with over 200 classes, accessible customer service, easy class switches, a flexible make-up policy, and outstanding member benefits! It is our hope that you will benefit from the LINX experience just as much as your children will!

At LINX, it is our mission:

  • To be the best children center in the world, as determined by our customers, our staff and the communities we serve.
  • To lead fun-based activities that inspire the imagination, while igniting a fire within each individual child to learn more and to excel within their areas of interest.
  • To provide the community we serve with superior programs that meet the needs of every family member.
  • To help our members strengthen, develop and advance their skills to the next level on a group and individual basis.
  • To build a community that fosters respect, kindness, spirit, inclusiveness, hardwork, dedication and unity.
  • To set an example for our members and other community organizations on how best to work with youth and parents.
  • To provide our parents with convenience, excellent customer service and to over communicate about their child's experiences within our programs.
  • To change the world we live in to be filled with leaders and community members who are positive, supportive and kind to one another - one child at a time!

The History of LINX

LINX was founded by Joe Kahn, a parent of two young children, who had a vision for a nationwide company that would enable children to learn new things while having fun. After countless interviews and discussions with parents, educators, business people and more, LINX was founded.

The first LINX location in Wellesley, MA, opened in October of 2005. By adding a team of outstanding people who want to work with children, LINX has grown year after year.

We invite you to learn more about our fantastic classes and outstanding summer camp. As always, if you ever have any suggestions about how we can make your LINX experience better, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The LINX Fun-Based Learning Philosophy

We are proud of our LINX Fun-Based Learning Philosophy which encourages children to explore and develop their unique interests and talents in an enriching, educational, and FUN environment!

Virtual Tour

It is our hope that through this online tour, we can highlight a few of the reasons why LINX is the right place for your child!

The tour may take a moment to load.

Joe Kahn
Owner and Founder


Josh Schiering
VP/Exec Dir of Camps

Melissa Habersaat
Vice President of Operations

Lisa Gatto
Program Director

Heather Emley
Dance Director

Todd Morse
Theater Director


Katie Preisig
Theater and Voice Instructor Junior Camps Assistant Camp Director

Annie Gagne



Jake Haas




Anne Marie>

LINX corporate management team members are uniquely qualified with an abundance of professional skills, significant experience, and integrity. That being said, we have fun as we work together to make every member's experience the best it can be.

LINX Camps complies with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is licensed by the local Board of Health. You may request copies of background check, health care and discipline policies as well as procedures for filing grievances.