Dec 06December Monthly Movie Night
Dec 7December Competitive Make-Up Class
Dec 9-14Recreational Dance In-Class Demonstrations (Dec 9-14)
Dec 14December Competitive Rehearsal
Dec 16 -20Secret Sugarplum Week (Dec 16 -20)
Jan 4January Competitive Make-Up Class
Jan 10Big Sister Reveal Night
Jan 10January Monthly Movie Night
Jan 11January Competitive Rehearsal
Jan 11Competition Info Session
Jan 13-18Martial Arts Demonstration Week (Jan 13-18)
Jan 10-12ASH Dance Convention (Teen & Senior Levels Only) (Jan 10-12)
Jan 21January Camps Promotion Ends
Jan 22February Camps Promotion Begins
Jan 24-27, Jan 31-Feb 3Broadway Theater Winter Performances (Jan 24-27, Jan 31-Feb 3)
Jan 25Rehearsal for Diva Dance routines
Jan 31-Feb 11st Optional Dance Competition- Diva Dance (Jan 31-Feb 1)
Feb 3First day of spring theater classes
Feb 7Spring Company Theater registration closes
Feb 7Spring Broadway Theater registration closes
Feb 07February Monthly Movie Night
Feb 7February Movie Night
Feb 8February Competitive Make-Up Class
Feb 11February Camps Promotion Ends
Feb 12March Camps Promotion Begins
Feb 28-Mar 1Mandatory Rehearsal Weekend for Turn It Up Dance Competition (Feb 28-Mar 1)
Mar 2-6March Secret Psycher week
March 6-81st Mandatory Dance Competition- Turn It Up Dance (March 6-8)
Mar 06March Monthly Movie Night
Mar 14March Competitive Make-Up Class
Mar 23-27Martial Arts Demonstration Week (Mar 23-27)
Mar 24March Camps Promotion Ends
Mar 25April Camps Promotion Begins
Mar 28-Mar 29Mandatory Rehearsal Weekend for Elevate Dance Competition (Mar 28-Mar 29)
Mar 30-Apr 3Big Sister Family Note Swap Week (Mar 30-Apr 3)
Apr 03April Monthly Movie Night
Apr 3April Movie Night
April 4-52nd Mandatory Dance Competition - Elevate (April 4-5)
Apr 13-18LINX Dance Studio Spirit Week Spring (Apr 13-18)
Apr 18April Competitive Make-Up Class
April 27- May 1Rehearsals for Headliners Optional Competition routines (April 27- May 1)
Apr 28April Camps Promotion Ends
Apr 29May Camps Promotion Begins
May 1-32nd Optional Dance Competition- Headliners
May 1May Monthly Movie Night
May 9May Competitive Make-Up Class
May 9 Mandatory Rehearsal for Starbound Dance Competition
May 11-15May Secret Psycher week (May 11-15)
May 12Dance Recital Ticket Sales Begin
May 15-173rd Mandatory Dance Competition- Starbound (May 15-17)
Closed the Saturday before Memorial Day
May 25Closed for Memorial Day
May 26May Camps Promotion Ends
May 27Camps List Price Begins
Jun 1-6Martial Arts Demonstration Week