LINX Drop Off and Pick Up


Once you have entered our parking lot at 141 Linden St. please pull into the second row of cars and follow the arrows to pull around to the front of our doors leaving space for pick up cars to wait closest to the building, a LINX Leader will check your daily health attestation and supervise the kids getting out of your car.


Similar to drop-off, please drive almost to the end of the parking lot, pull into the third row of cars and pull into the appropriate lane. Stay in line and your child will be brought out with their class and loaded into the car, please have your pick-up card in window or show your license to the LINX Leader. If you are the first car in line, please pull up just past the LINX door, near the white fence. Please be patient as it can take 5 to 10 minutes to bring them out for you to pick-up. If you come at a time when a LINX Leader is not outside, simply park and call 781-235-3210 and we will be happy to walk the kids out to you.