LINX Philosophy

The LINX Philosophy

LINX is the enrichment club where kids connect.

LINX is an innovative enrichment program, offering a wide selection of topical programs, encompassing the fine and performing arts, science, languages and creative expressions, uniquely designed to bring fun to learning for kids up to age 13. LINX is a creative environment where young people meet to have a good time, expand their interests, and to explore and create new experiences. LINX designs its programs to be accessible and convenient for parents by offering flexibility in program scheduling, and its signature free time activities allowing parents to use their time productively. LINX programs offer members the opportunity to pursue different learning experiences year after year, appropriately crafting program topics to the age and interests of it members. LINX programs support the belief that kids learn and retain experiences most notably in a fun based environment.


LINX offers a state of the art facility including fingerscan security, which not only impresses the children, but helps ensure every child is safe and accounted for when at the LINX facility.

We invite all parents and families to come and visit our facilities and to learn more about how you can start connecting with LINX.

If you have any questions about our program, please call us at (781) 235-3210.