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Wellesley, MA- December 15.  LINX, the Enrichment Club for Kids, announced the addition of a Pre-K Prep class to their extensive schedule.  The program will explore a variety of hands-on, multi-sensory activities including art, math, literacy, and music.  Available to children between 2 and 3 years old, the class will allow them to acclimate to a similar classroom environment that will be experienced in preschool.

The decision to add Pre-K Prep stemmed from parents' feedback for an extension of the existing Mommy and Me program.  As children were getting more comfortable in the environment, parents were looking for a drop-off option similar to others that LINX offered.
"Many of our members start out in the Mommy and Me classes and quickly become familiar with the Leaders and the program.  In Pre-K Prep, we are working on transitioning the parents out of the classroom and into to waiting room, which helps open the doors of discovery for children to become more independent learners," says LINX Vice President Josh Schiering.  "Pre-K Prep classes serve as an outstanding foundation for these emerging preschoolers.”

The Pre-K Prep class will be led by LINX's Early Childhood Leader, Cassi Belmarsh, who writes the curriculum and facilitates the Mommy and Me program.  She received her Master of Science degree in Child Development and Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College, and has taught pre-school and kindergarten for 10 years in the Boston area.  Belmarsh says that she is excited about the class and what it offers to LINX's younger members. 

"I loved my ten years of teaching, and am very excited about preparing children for preschool in this unique program," says Belmarsh.  "The environment we provide in Pre-K Prep will be so helpful in developing their educational foundation.  At this age they are constantly connecting concepts together and always learning.  I find it so rewarding to be able to lead them in their first classroom experience." 

The new addition of the Pre-K Prep class for younger aged members has led the LINX administration to think about further expansion of the early age program. 
Says Schiering, "the developmental benefits are immeasurable once the child is in a safe and trusting environment.  Starting to teach to each individual’s learning style at such a young age will have a dramatic impact on their life long road of learning.

The Pre-K Prep class will be offered Wednesday and Friday mornings from now until June 2010.  Depending on the demand, more sections may be added to next years schedule. 

About LINX:
LINX is the Enrichment Club for Kids, a small business that opened its first location four years ago in Wellesley.  LINX offers classes for kids ages 12 months to 13 years in Art, Dance, Early Childhood, Language Immersion, Martial Arts, Movie Making, Science, Sports, Technology and Theater at their 9,000 square foot facility on Linden St.  The LINX Fun-Based Learning CurriculumTM has proven to be widely successful as the instructors have created innovative ways to make programs convenient for parents and kids.  Please feel free to learn more about LINX at