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"Amazing job today! All of your tremendous hard work and planning certainly paid off. My daughter declared LINX 'the best thing ever' on her way home after 6 solid hours at Elm Bank. Many congratulations and thanks for fulfilling the promise of enrichment for our kids." - CH, Wellesley

"I am pleased to report that [my son] read me the whole book, and he did a great job! I was so excited to hear him speak proudly!! [My daughter] said she'd read to me tomorrow, but the good news is that they were both excited about their books, and they're making lots of progress with speaking Spanish. You're doing a great job. Thank you!" - KP, Wellesley

"My husband and I really appreciate the model of your business and wish we had used LINX earlier. It really is practically a one-stop shop. The boys always like going and your staff are the consummate professionals. I'm always impressed with your front staff especially. For the few times they've met us, they always remember our names and they recognize the kids' names immediately. I work with teams and do consulting on strengths and am typically asked how I remember people's names during each of the courses. In the last few months every time I'm asked that question I think of Linx because I only have to know about 10-20 names and I'm looking at them all day. Your team is constantly meeting new parents and have kids coming and going. Very impressive!" - KG, Wellesley

"[G.I.R.L. Power] hits on so many themes that I wanted to put in front of her and felt were missing from Girl Scouts, etc. This is contemporary and so relevant to her every day school life in 3rd grade....I am so pleased with this and that you can find the time to share this with parents." - LB, Sherborn

"Thank you so much for your note. I'm thrilled to hear that they're making progress in class. It's wonderful to get updates from you. I really appreciate it. You'll be happy to know that we've also seen progress at home! The kids have been speaking more Spanish with [babysitter], and they're definintely more likely now to answer our questions in Spanish when we ask them to. Please keep me posted on the kids' progress. They really enjoy the class!!" -KP, Weston

"Thanks for the notes about GIRL Power. [My daughter told me that GIRL Power] is her chance each week to work out all her problems!!!! LINX is where she is with other girls in a comfortable setting with you prompting all the right questions! This class alone is improving her self esteem! I am also so happy with Modern Dance because it helps her as well with her self esteem and body image - she is so excited about her outfit and side ponytail each week and has made her feel like dance (which she loves) is so much "cooler"!" - JN, Weston

"Thank you LINX for another fantastic event!!! My daughter had a blast dancing today! you all did a great job!!! and LINX fest at Elm Bank was perfect! Beautiful location and lots of fun for the kids. We look forward to next time! Many Thanks." - RC, Wellesley

"My child has been loving his Math Munchers class and his school is so impressed! He can even help his big sister with her homework - it's fabulous! Now, he thinks his Kindergarten math is 'easy peasy' and his teachers tell me that he does three laps around the math stations during math period!" - KS, Wellesley" - KS, Wellesley

"This class sounds awesome. My daughter is really loving the class and getting so much out of it that is not available in any other venue. I do hope this class continues in the fall. I really believe in what you are doing with this class and it is making a difference in her life. Not to be too dramatic but she is really getting this material and these concepts and she loves being around you." - LB, Sherborn

"Hello Miss Heather, The girls costumes are quite amazing, again!" - LC, Wellesley

"From a parents perspective it is amazing how well your instructors and staff know the kids and make them welcome. This is the first type of class my girls have taken where they haven't been able to see me in the waiting area during the class and they are completely comfortable. They are excited to come to class and have a true sense of independence when scanning their finger and walking through the doors." - LG, Natick

"Thanks so much for the update! He loves your class and I love that he’s sweaty and tired after! I am so happy you're doing soccer and baseball as he is doing both this spring so he can always use the help! He really loves the class! Thank you." -LM, Needham

"Thank you so much for teaching such a meaningful class. It is obvious that you know my daughter very well and I know that she learned a lot from your class. I also really appreciated all of the updates." - VJ, Wellesley

"Awesome email... she is loving the class!! And of course, loves having you as a teacher. Sounds like you are doing terrific things with them, which will definitely help as they transition to Middle School. You are the best! Thanks for the update." - LB, Sherborn

"Your magic show yesterday was a huge success - as I'm sure you could tell from all the hands in the air at your every question. My son is excited to be in your chemistry class and is looking forward to learning and having fun. he is so proud of "his" car - and we enjoyed seeing what he has been talking about all spring. See you Thursday!" - RS, Newton

" I'm glad you explained your class because my son came home so excited about what you are working on..... and for the life of me I had no clue what he was talking about! He is thrilled with the class...... so of course so am I!" - RS, Newton

"My daughter learned to write her name at LINX this spring and I am thrilled at that. She was so excited and proud of this....Thank you for everything!! She had a ball. Have a great summer and see you in September." - LB, Sherborn

"Thanks so much for the e-mail. Really great to get your feedback and news my son has really enjoyed his week at LINX. My kids have attended many local camps in the past years, but it is clear what makes LINX a better place, the people who work there." - Thanks for all your hard work! JH, Dover

"I can't begin to tell you just how high [my son] puts you and your class on a pedestal. He is so enthusiastic about his class! He has been building all kinds of machines at home and always begging for a trip to the "Do It Yourself Electronics" store. [My husband] and I are so ever grateful that [our son] has an instructor who can encourage his interests and motivate him to do more. We just look forward to every Friday night to hear about the new things he has learned and is ready to invent!" - KF, Wellesley

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